Monday, February 07, 2011

Anti Ride Régime

The kids and I headed to the park after school on Friday , the weather was so lovely , we decided to spend an hour enjoying the last rays of sunshine on a fine February day.
I was delighted when another Mom plonked herself down beside me on the bench and started chatting in a friendly manner. Turns out she was a wolf in sheeps clothing and lulled me into a false sense of security, swapping tips and gossip about the neighbourhood, best boulangerie, where to get best fruit and veg, blah blah, comforting Mom talk, she got me nice and relaxed before she went for the jugular
"You are about the same age as me, yes? 40?"
"Ummm" yes, I mutter " Still hanging on to my 30s though, hoho"
"You know you should really be doing an anti wrinkle diet. I am an expert on this. Look at my skin compared to yours. You would not have those crows feet and bags under your eyes if you follow my advice"
"Gulp, really?" I stammer. Well, what does one say?
" Yes, you too could look like me" she brazenly tells me

So here's the diet Isabelle recommended :

Eat lots of :
Fruit and Veg
Water and Green Tea
Nuts, esp almonds
Olive Oil
Oily fish
Dark chocolate

Red Meat
White bread
Cakes and sugary things
Too much alcohol

Ok , nothing radical there. Then she advises that I use Clarins Anti Ride Lift - that would REALLY help all those lines on my forehead disappear.
If I had balls, I would have felt kicked in them, on ther other hand, if I had balls, I would have told her where to shove it!
My buddies reckon that she was a Clarins undercover agent, sent out to target Moms in parks, preferably those sensitive ones , turning 40 this year!
So, when I pulled myself together and we'd said our farewells ( ravie de vous avoir rencontrée , my arse!), I dragged my sorry butt back home where my delightful daughter drew a lovely picture of me ( awwww) with a deep furrow in the middle of my forehead!!! Argghhh

So, it's the new diet and Clarins anti wrinkle treatment for me for one month. Before and After photos to follow.
And it that doesn't work, I want BOTOX for my birthday....

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