Thursday, November 22, 2012

La Maison des Quartiers

This falls into one of my 'Things I Love About France' categories and I love the whole spirit of 'La Maison des Quartiers' here where in live in the Deep South in Cabestany. 'La Maison des Quartiers' in Cabestany is situated right in the centre of the old village and it's doors are always open for people to pop in for a cuppa or to offer their talents or to look for some kind of help.
The idea is that everybody gives a little and the whole community benefits from everyone doing their little bit. I give English lessons every Tuesday to a lovely group of mostly retirees who have become firm friends over the past three years. Others volunteer to help kids with their homework, some people bring dinners to eldery people, they organise les fetes de voisins, kiddies play groups in the parks, outings for teenagers, company for old folks living alone and lots more. All good stuff.
We're on the Letter U
This week is la Semaine de Droits des enfants ( Children's Rights' Week) and the Maison des Quartiers came up with the very ambitious plan of getting all the Cabestany schools onto the pitch in the local stadium. Not only that, but to align them up in the letters of the word EGAUX (EQUALS), i.e. ; no easy task!
So off I trotted this morning with my son's class of 28 wriggling 5 year olds and we stood in our allocated spot with our papers above our head while they took an arial shot of thousands of children standing obediently to attention.
On the Letter A

Chapeaux ( Hats off) to La Maison des Quartiers for organising yet another fantastic event.

Give me an X!
PS Aerial photos to follow!


  1. That sounds fun...though I'm glad I wasn't trying to control it.
    My mother remembers being part of a union jack display by Guides on some imperial occasion with a man on a stepladder going into a frenzy as the assembled Guides did not resemble his diagram...

    I liked our Maison pour Tous...we did stuff with the kids, had cookery sessions, sewed and knitted, made picture frames, did photography and had a keep fit session for OAPs which would have been censored if it had ever been filmed.
    Loved it.

  2. Heehee
    Yes, it all went very smoothly with no fuss and thousands of very obedient French children.
    Amazing really.


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