Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Generation Emigration

Je ne regrette rien
Click here to see the feature in the Irish Times today 


  1. I can't get the link can you tweet it to me? x

  2. Great article, however the tax rate you quote doesn't make any sense. I live here as well and never had to pay that rate. Are you including corporate and property taxes as well? Even then it is hard to understand. The top rate of tax in France (and that is only for income beyond a threshold of €1m is 75% and yet to be introduced.

    1. Hi Myview, thanks for your comment.
      Ok , let's take an example:
      One owns a SARL ( limited company) in France buying and selling property.
      You don't pay tva on purchase but you do on the marge when you sell.
      Example. Buy a property for 100euros, sell for 200.
      Marge is 100euros
      TVA = 19.6%
      Corporation tax = 33+3=35%
      Tax on dividends ( if one wants to take money out of the business) = 21%
      Total = 75.6%
      This is before other additional taxes we pay as a company director, and there are a few...
      If we paid ourselves a salary, the real tax rate would be higher..


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