Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lose weight? You Know DuKan Do It

The Dukan Diet has been around for over 30 years, promoted by  nutritionist  Pierre Dukan. His book, The Dukan Diet published in 2000 has remained on the best seller list in France since publication. Similar to the Atkins Diet, the Dukan diet promotes eating a diet rich in proteins, it's a diet that is immensely popular in France and has spawned many websites, blogs and shops.
Dukan is in the news at the moment, as he suggested that losing weight should be on the school curriculum, even a subject for the Baccalaureat!!  In an open letter to Sarko, he proposed that there should be a subject called "Ideal weight" which students can pass purely by obtaining their ideal weight. It has of course, created widespread uproar and debate.
Intrigued, I got on to his website and entered my details. I'm 5'10" ( 178cm) and weigh in at 10.5 stone. I'm happy with my weight and my BMI ( Body Mass Index) is normal. According to Dukan, though, I could do with losing a few pounds and he, of course has the plan for me. 
How flipping dangerous is this for young teenagers who are obsessed about how they look and weigh? Even more dangerous in France, a country where one can never be too thin.. my 6 week old little girl was told to go on a diet by our doctor, FFS!
The media have of course pounced on this outrageous suggestion and like the La Redoute scandal, the story has gone viral on the Internet. One has to ask is this the new PR/marketing ploy à la Mr O'Leary .. All PR is good PR and let's just shock 'em into media coverage with crazy stunts?
After all, had you ever heard of Dukan before you read this article?


  1. Friends (British) have been on it...lost weight and then gained it again.
    Don't know where the idea of thin french women comes from....all the ladies I knew were well upholstered.

  2. They're pretty slim here on the med and TOTALLY obsessed with their weight! In summer time when the tourists invade from Northern France , you can see the difference, they're like another nationality!


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