Friday, April 06, 2012

Birthday Cake

5 years ago , he came hurtling feet first into this world, a lovely healthy record breaking breach birth baby , who even had the gyno in tears of relief , not to mention ourselves! My little boy who takes life head on and rarely slows down, a daredevil tree climber, kame kaze bike rider, giggler, champion lego maker and the love of my life, is 5 Big Years Old Today!
So, today was family and cake time before the Big Party tomorrow. The Mammy is in town at the moment and we had all the Catalan cousins around for birthday tea and cake and madness.
Funnily enough, the French aren't really into baking .. cooking yes, but baking, they generally leave to the professionals. I love the IDEA of being a home maker and great baker and God I do try, but seem to have been born without the baking gene. Many an attempt has ended up in the bin and everyone knows NOT TO COME INTO THE KITCHEN if I am trying my hand at anything more adventurous than cup cakes.
Anyway, I've come up with the fool proof birthday cake. For a real home made look, follow these instructions:
You get your ready mixed chocolate fondant in Lidl (€1,98) Add 3 eggs and cream. Mix. Bake.
Then, after the cake has cooled, make your chocolate frosting as follows
3 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/3 cup cocoa power
Drop of vanilla essence
Mix together. Add drops of milk slowly until you get a frosting finish.
Paste over cake and decorate with smarties and twinkles.
Then stand in front of mirror and practice blushing, being coy and modest 'Oh, it was nothing, darling, whipped it up this morning"
Ta daaaaaaa
Happy Birthday Dylan xxxx


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