Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a service!

My little girl was feeling quite poorly last weekend and when I took her to the doctor ( waiting for 5 minutes and costing me 12euros), he confirmed that she had a virus and to keep her out of school but that there was nothing they could give her for a viral bug.
4 days later, she was still suffering , with funny symptoms, pains in her tummy and head, so I took her back to the doc who subscribed an anti-biotic and lots of other "stuff"
Prescriptions for a runny nose and sore throat
She bounced back the next day and is fine now. As she had some tummy pains though, the doc also prescribed a scan to check out everything internally - the next day , we went to a laboratoire d'analyses ( no waiting around)  where we had a full x-ray examination of her tummy : liver, pancreas, bladder, stomach etc etc and she got a clean bill of health. We waited for 20 minutes and got a print out and analysis of the tests straight away. Cost : 22euros.
Thankfully there were no issues and my little girl is back to her usual bouncy self, but what a service though!
If you're going to get sick, people, get sick in France.


  1. Yes, our experiences with a GP and with the local labs was good in France...it was the hospital end of things which was - to say the least - a curate's egg.

    1. thankfully haven't had much experience with the hospitals apart from two very happy experiences having my two babies there...


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