Monday, May 07, 2012

New president, new first lady

Jeanie Macaroni, Carla Bruni is a hard act to follow if you're going to be the next first lady of France; supermodel pop star and one time actress with legs up to her tonsils, she may not have much of an intellectual impact as Sarko's right hand woman but she certainly had the fashionistas sitting up straight and paying very much attention.
Last night,Valérie Treilweiler, François Hollandes partner, became the first lady of France and now all eyes turn to her ... gulp, wouldn't like to be in her Manola Blahniks.. 
But who is Valérie Treilweiler ?

  1. Born in 1965, she is the fifth child out of 6 from a working class family
  2. She is the first unmarried first lady of France
  3. She has been married twice and twice divorced, with three children from her second marriage
  4. She had an affair with Hollande beginning in 2006 while still married to Mr Treilweiler and Hollande was still living with Ségolene Royal. In 2010 , they went public with Hollande claming that "Valérie est la femme de ma vie"
  5. A respected political journalist, she has hosted many political talk shows and now writes for the Paris Match, a political magazine
  6. She appears slightly uncomfortable in her new role saying "Je n'ai pas trouvé l'école de première dame deFrance" and stressing, like Hollande, that she will be a "normal" first lady
  7. Discreet, like Hollande, she certainly shies away from the limelight, most commentators have labelled her "froid" but that's maybe because she doens't get involved in the whole circus
  8. Held responsible for Hollandes new look ( he lost 10kgs) for the elections, she herself is very elegant and stylish
  9. She wants to continue in her own right as a journalist  "Ce qui me fait peur, c'est de perdre ma liberté" What scares me is losing my freedom
  10. She was by his side last night, preparing his victory speech and looking every part the First lady as she accepted flowers and kisses from the new president of the republic
Brains and Beauty, we can expect a lot more from France's new first lady....

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  1. Much better looking than Mrs Sarko IMHO!


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