Thursday, January 17, 2013

Squatting in Port Vendres

Towering over the other boats - the Mirabella III
The superyacht Mirabella III cruised into Port Vendres in September and has been parked up since. This superyacht, over 40 metres long,, was originally made in Thailand and it was so big that they needed the aid of elephants to get it from the boat shed to the water.
The mast dominates the quay, dwarfing all the other yachts in Port Vendres and can be seen from every corner of the village. It even has it's own massive generator on quay Forgas to keep it in power. There are 5 luxurious suites on board and also rooms for 7 staff members and, wait for it ... it costs 90,000euros to rent this bateau folks...... per week!
So why has this stunning boat worth over 6 million euros been squatting in Port Vendres for so long?
Well, the rumours are rife, but apparently the boat rocked into the port and asked them to fill her up with petrol to which they duly obliged ; a 30,000euros petrol bill was pronounced and when the owners couldn't pay, the douanes ( customs police) were forced to the seize the yacht and there she remains. The customs police stationed on board count their lucky stars to have landed such a cushy number...
What will become of the Mirabella III?
She is finally leaving Port Vendres. Read update here ( in French )


  1. Mirabella 111 is for sale @ 5,500,000€

    1. Thanks for that info Anon! Must buy that lotto ticket!

  2. Includes a full tank of fuel I believe !!

  3. Here's an update :,1719022.php


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