Monday, January 28, 2013

A novel way to pay your taxes

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Pee'ed off with the Inspector of taxes, a guy in the Dordogne came up with a novel way of paying his taxes. A one Mr Patrick Fénelon had been fined because he had paid several bills with one cheque and somehow the tax authorities decided to take umbrage to this, fining him with a hefty 429euros.
No amount of persuasion would budge the tax office and so, he collected the amount due .. In 1 cent and 2 cent pieces. It took him three years and with the backing of everyone in his little village of 1000 habitants who collected the shrapnel for him,  he finally deposited the 50 kgs worth of coins to the trésorerie last Thursday in Mussidan.
The trésorerie had to accept the small change, being legal tender, and according to their office , by Friday evening, it had taken a number of staff to count up to just 350euros. The delighted Mr Fenélon has to go back today, to finalise his account with the tax office and to make sure it is all there. To the nearest centime, en tout cas.
That'll teach 'em!
Love it!

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  1. We will be in the 28% tax brackets in 2013. I'm happy because we are skating close to the edge and the 2014 changes will keep us in the same tax bracket.


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