Friday, June 01, 2012

Competition winner

Image taken from Amazon
Betty from Ireland is the winner of Rosemary Bailey's book, The Man Who Married a Mountain. The book is a lovely read, about Henry Russell, Baron of Ulster; 19th century explorer and mountaineer who climbed every mountain in the Pyrenees and "revelled in nature's extremes, from fierce tempests to dazzling snow"
Rosemary has also written two other books about the region "Love and War in the Pyrenees" and "Life in a Postcard" as well as "Scarlet Ribbons, A Priest with Aids" the story of her brother and the support he received from his Yorskshire village.
Read her interview with me here. Well Done Betty, the book is on it's way to you!

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  1. I don't believe it. Looking 4ward to reading it. Just finished reading "Married to a Bedouin" i'm Betty. GAB


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