Thursday, June 07, 2012

June 7 Photo - Le Canigou

The Canigou

Canigou is calling. Every year we climb the majestic Canigou which dominates the landscape here in the Pyrenees Orientales.
The majestic Canigou, at nearly 3000 metres stands regally over the plains of the Roussillon and can be seen from nearly every corner of the PO. Beloved by the Catalans, their sacred mountain straddles Spain and France. The weekend before La Fete de St Jean ( 23 June), Catalans will make their annual pilgrimage to the summit of the Canigou. They will bring with them bundles of wood from their respective villages to light a bonfire. Attached to the 'fagots' ( bundles of firewood) are messages of peace, love and goodwill. The flame from the Canigou is then taken down the mountain in relay fashion and brought to the Castillet in Perpignan and other villages around the region and fires are lit all over the countryside.
In August, there is a 30km race up the mountain, starting from Vernet Les Bains and finishing on the other side of the mountain near the Chalet de Cortalets. Madness!


  1. lovely tradition, wish I could go!

  2. I'll let you know when we are doing it. More than welcome to join us!


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