Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cold Day on the Med

 As the kids were getting cabin fever after being indoors for the last couple of days, we wrapped up and headed off to the beach for a bit of fresh air.
We found the lake between Canet and St Cyprien totally frozen over - unreal!

 With snow and heavy frost forecast, the department has been placed on Vigilance Orange .. there will be no school transport tomorrow , although the schools will be open, thank God!
 Mr Getrealfrance standing on the frozen lake. It's snowing now here in the Pyrénées Orientales but not sticking for the moment
We only saw this sign on the way out! Oops!! Now where are those skating boots!!!


  1. Thanks Anna. It was flippin' cold out there!

  2. snow on the vineyards here in Port Vendres, looks bizarre!


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