Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The National Front

The Presidential Race is well under way here in France with the three main parties gearing up for battle - we have Sarko's band , UMP ( Union for a Popular Movement), the PS ( Socialist Party) and the third runners, the FN (National Front).
Marine Le Pen is the lady at the forefront of the FN, the daughter of founder Jean Marie Le Pen, a man not shy of controversy...
Some of the Far Right policies of the FN:

  • Zero Tolerance for Law and Order and a Referendum to bring back the death penalty
  • Strong Opposition to Immigration, particularly Muslim Immigration. In the 1995 elections, Le Pen proposed to send 3 million Muslims back to where they came from
  • Re-instate the Frank and drop the euro
  • Reinstate custom borders
  • Deportation of unemployed immigrants
One needs the backing of 500 mayors to run for the French presidential elections. The FN have not been able to obtain the support of any mayor in the Pyrenees Orientales, where we live. 
Perhaps , they need to change their nick name to obtain a few more votes .. after all, would you vote for FN or as it is affectionately known as "FANNY"??
Vote for FANNY, eh? Catchy! 
See article here in the local L'Independent ( in French)


  1. I posted a comment 2day but it did'nt appear,in future i'll post it anonymousy. Maybe you had to censor it?ha ha. GAB.X

  2. Sorry Gab, can you try and post it again, that's really annoying, thanks as always for the comments x

    1. Well i'll see if i can remember it Karen... Does "Fanny" mean the same in French as in English? Haha! I don't know if changing back to the Franc will solve anything, only cost another fortune to do so! Sounds to me like Hitler getting rid of 3 million people, maybe only by half, he got rid of 6 million, also for their beliefs. Bringing back the death penalty? God spare us from that, next it will be the Guillotine, and finally last(?) do ye non nationals have a vote? GAB.XXX.

  3. Fanny doesn't mean the same in French , it's quite a popular name here, short for Stephanie. Still, always good for a giggle! Snigger snigger
    The FN do echo alot of the nazi sentiments. Worryingly, is the support they have in France!
    No, as Europeans who were not born in France, we don't have the right to vote in French elections. Ironically, our children, who were born here to Irish parents won't either. Ironic, as Sarko is the product of a Hungarian and Greek Jewish marriage!!!


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