Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jameson Whisky - the ad in France

Heard this on French radio today, the jist of it is that Jameson whisky is 'plus doux' and 'plus moelleux' as it has been distilled three times and therefore it tastes and "sounds" smoother.
I think I'm going to apply to Jameson for the job... surely they could have found an Irish person to do this ad???
Jameson and I go back a long way, in fact, as it was my Granny's favourite drink : a Jameson and Red ( Lemonade) on the rocks and many a sneaky sip would be taken when she left the room .. I'm no whisky connoisseur but if I'm going to drink a whisky, it would have to be a Jameson. There is always a bottle in our drinks cabinet as most visitors from Ireland will arrive with a bottle under their arm. An Irish coffee is not an Irish coffee without jameson and a hot whisky, pareil.
So, go on,go on, go on, gissus a job, will ya? Hic!


  1. What has happened to Powers Three Swallows? I haven't seen it for years...

  2. Dunno? But remember that it was best to drink in three swallows, or am I dreaming that?


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