Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love is on the air waves

Shakira, with her rendition of French Francis Cabrel's love song is every DJ's favourite song at the moment and one cannot turn on the radio without hearing Shakira's distinctive voice belting out this old French classic. I think she does a fine job of it and love the live version.
The lyrics of the song are quite beautiful, even if you don't understand French, but here's a quick translation ( please correct any mistakes if you know better ). It's a great way to learn French as well ..

Moi je n'étais rien (Me, I used to be nothing)
Mais voila qu'aujourd'hui (But look how today)
Je suis le gardien (I am the keeper)
Du sommeil de ses nuits (of the sleep/dreams of her nights)
Je l'aime a mourir (I love her to death)

Vous pouvez détruire (You could destroy)
Tout ce qui vous plaira (Anything you want)
Elle n'aura qu' ouvrir (But she would only have to open)
L'espace de ses bras (The space between her arms)
Pour tout reconstruire x2 (to rebuild it all)
Je l'aime a mourir (I love her to death)

Elle a gommé les chiffres (She erased the numbers)
Des horloges du quartier (Of every clock around)
Elle a fait de ma vie (She made of my life)
Des cocottes en papier (Little pieces of papers)
Des éclats de rires (and bursts of laughter)
Elle a bati des ponts (She built bridges)
Entre nous et le ciel (between us and the sky)
Et nous les traversons (and we would traverse them)
A chaque fois qu'elle (each time that she)
Ne veut pas dormir x2 (didnt want to sleep)
Je l'aime a mourir (I love her to death)

Elle a du faire toutes les guerres (she must've had to fight all her battles)
Pour être si forte aujourd'hui (to be as strong as she is today)
Elle a du faire toutes les guerres (she must've faught all the battles)
De la vie, et l'amour aussi (of life, and love too)

Here she is , looking and sounding like an angel

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