Monday, December 12, 2011

Gaspillage à Perpignan

Ok, the last thing I wanted this blog to be was a whinging , moaning mass of words about France but one should call a spade a spade and in this case, a spade that's about as handy as a chocolate tea pot.
France is a great country to spend it's money. On crap. While all our taxes go up and up and up every year, it is infuriating to see the wastage of money ( our money ) being spent by the government.
Perpignan makes it onto the list of the top 10 poorest towns in France. There is little or no industry here, apart from tourism, wine and some market gardening, the Pyrenees Orientales does not produce much of economic value. Unemployment levels are at 13% and the average income per household is 12700euros ( INSEE). The locals here simply do not have much disposable income.( Don't get me wrong, I love this little corner of the world but it is economically backward)
So , all the more reason for the uproar with the announcement today that the main trains of the new TGV , the LGV ( Ligne à Grande Vitesse) will not be actually be stopping at all in Perpignan. This after the fact that millions and millions have been pumped into a state of the art train station in Perpignan centrale. 
"Vous n'imaginez quand même pas que ces TGV vont perdre du temps en rentrant à Perpignan ? feint d'interroger le sénateur François Calvet
In fact, the trains will be stopping in Rivesaltes , 20 mins from Perpignan where they are now going to invest even more money developing. Who authorised this spending in Perpignan and what will happen to this ghost station now? It's a disgrace.
And to those that will say stop giving out, life in great in France, what are you complaining about? I think I have the right , after 10 years in France and paying my fair share of taxes and charges etc etc etc etc , to voice my opinion and have a moan!!! So there!


  1. Where did you read that trains won't be stopping in Perpignan... I'd like to read the article. Thanks.

  2. L'Independant today.
    Click on my twitter link for full article, in french

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. link here :,94617.php
    ( sorry link is so long)

  5. Just check which politician represents Rivesaltes and go from there...
    Fillon got a totally useless expensive link put in to the town of which he is maire on the Brittany to Paris TGV line...

  6. Hi fly, it's a joke, hein? Austerity measures, my ar$e!

  7. Why aren't the people on the streets marching about this?!

  8. Because people only come out on to the streets when their unions bring them there in buses...and not many people are in unions!
    8% unionisation I think I recall...


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