Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I miss about "home"

Super granny arrived over from Ireland about a week ago and we are just loving having her around. She brought along with her all of our favourite Irish goodies that you can't get here in the Deep South.
Clonakilty Black and White puddings, Irish sausages, Barrys Tea bags, Taytos and of course some Irish Cadburys chocolate.
It's a question people ask me all the time " What do you miss about Ireland?"
It's been over 15 years now since I've lived in the ole sod so I'm really not sure if it is the same Ireland that I knew then....
But, with rose tinted glasses firmly in place, I do miss ...
1) The people. Their generosity of spirit and their wicked sense of humour. The way we understand each other and don't have to explain our jokes. The wit and the non stop laughing and taking the mickey
2) Enterprise. Being able to start a business easily and get on with it. A market without barriers which actually encourages you to be an entrepreneur.
3) The Pub. Not that I am a big pub go-er, but it is nice to be able to pop down for "the one" and have a natter.Going out in France can be such a palaver.
4) Family and friends
5) Irish culture - the singing, the dancing, the music. Good live music and theatre which doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is often free!
6) Being me. In France, after 10 years, I still do not feel "me" when I am with French people. They don't really "get" me and I'm not fluent enough to be as witty and charming and clever as I am in Ireland ( esp after a few pints of guinness!!)
7) Floury spuds
8) Relaxed attitude - take the twittersingle for Christmas this year. I am not sure you could do something like that in France. I love that "let's do it" attitude..
9) Lack of rules
10) My Mammy!!


  1. why don't you back to Ireland so?

  2. Oh have a troll. Take it as a compliment.

    I'd just been listening to an O'Riada and Sean O' Se session on Youtube...having lost my records years ago...and then you come along with white puddings...and floury spuds...

    No, I'm not Irish, but student friends taught me a thing or two and Irish friends used to bring me white pudding in all its glory when we lived in France.

    Now I'm going to have to work on them to come to Costa Rica.

  3. Welcome troll!
    Fly, I'm sure there is an Irish contingent down there too for your puddings ... us Irish are everywhere!! All ours are eaten now, and the Mammy goes back to éire today too. Boo

  4. All you mentioned above is exactly what I love about Ireland :-) Even if I don't always get the jokes, I absolutely love the Irish sense of humour. There's only one thing though. How can you miss Cadbury chocolate when you have so many different sorts of better chocolates in France ah ah !!

    1. But Irish cadburys chocolate IS the best in the world. Sure, everyone knows that ;-)


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