Monday, November 14, 2011

Awfully Offal

 Some brains anyone?

The French are great for their grub. When you invite a french person chez toi for dinner, you never need to ask " do you eat everything? is there anything you don't like?" and god forbid " are any of you vegetarian?". They love their food, all food. And they eat every part of every animal it seems, nothing is wasted. There are restaurants devoted to offal for Chrissake.
My partner and I made the mistake of going to one of these restaurants when we first arrived in France ten years ago. We had promised ourselves a treat and this particular restaurant was always busy so we thought we'd check it out one Saturday night. Our French was pretty limited at the time and not recognising anything on the menu , we decided to play russian roulette, stuck a pin in the menu and took our chances.
The heading of the menu should have given us an inkling ; "abats" ( think abbatoir) but, clueless, we licked our lips waiting for our plates to arrive. I got a plate of brains and my partner a brochette ( kebab on stick) of heart and kidneys. All this appeared to be swimming in a plate of blood. We took one look at each other and got the flock out of there as fast as our legs could carry us ..
Abats, don't forget it!!!

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