Thursday, November 10, 2011

The first Gay marriage in the Roussillon

The mayor of Cabestany, where I live, will celebrate the first gay marriage in the Roussillon this weekend. He announced during the year, that if any gay couples wanted to get married, to present themselves at the mairie ( town hall) and he would marry them.
True to his word, this historic event will take place between Guillaume, an artist and Patrick, manager of the photo lab this Saturday 12 November. The first gay marriage in the Roussillon.

The marriage will be covered by "L'Agence France Presse" and will be widely broadcast throughout France " We are marrying because we love each other, but also it is an act of defiance ( un acte militant) announced Guillaume and Patrick, leading the way,'so that soon, in France, two people of the same sex can marry legally'
This "acte militant" will be overseen by Jean Vila ( our communist mayor in Cabestany) who assures that it will not be annuled as was the case in other gay unions.

'France is supposed to be a modern country, but we will be one of the last to legalise gay marriage' Jean Vila surmised. He appealed to all mayors to celebrate gay marriages.

Vive L'amour and Best Wishes to Patrick and Guillaume!

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