Friday, November 18, 2011

The mystery of the Italian boats

5 Italian Boats found in one week

Inexplicably, 5 Italian pleasure boats have been found on the shores of the Languedoc Roussillon in the past week. Ranging from large RIBs to canoes and small sailboats, the police have traced the boats back to Italy where they are all registered.
The boats have been washed up on shore, empty, undamaged and in full working order,  landing in Port La Nouvelle, Gruissan and Barberousse.
The maritime police are baffled and are trying to trace the owners of the pleasure craft, with no luck so far. One explication is that the storms that have lashed the coast of Italy freed up these small boats and they made their way on the currents to the shores near us here.
But many questions remain, how did these "bateaux fantômes" navigate the med without being spotted by another vessel? How is it that the boats are undamaged?
Other theories abound ; drugs and people trafficking have not been ruled out...
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