Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Irish food in France

This week, coincidentally, we got presents of two cookbooks by Irish celebrity chefs. Yes! I thought, I'll finally be able to concoct something Irish for my French friends who insist that we Irish have no real cooking culture, that it's all spuds spuds spuds and as for the English with their "fish and cheeeeps", bah dit donc, they just haven't a clue whatsoever. 
Of course, over the past 10 years, I've made them some Irish stew ( very well received with lip smacked thumbs up), bacon and cabbage ( not so well received, the French just do not like cabbage unless it is sexed up and unidentifiable),soda bread and smoked salmon, and the full Irish brekki always goes down pretty well also. Then after that .... well, we're struggling to come up with anything specifically Irish. Hence, I was thrilled to receive the two Irish cookbooks and eagerly flicked through the pages looking for recipes to show my French Foodies that we can do it, YES WE CAN, is féidir linn, oui, on peut le faire aussi! Yet the two beautifully illustrated and mouth watering books were packed with tagines and curries, pasta and risottos, yoghurt masala fish and amaretto tiramisu's for fecks sake.
Twas far from all that we were reared!!
By pure chance I happened upon a pal's blog with a delicious sounding modern original Irish dish. She also happens to be partaking in a competition in Ireland so vote for Val O'Connor with her bacon and cabbage risotto; Click here to vote and to see the recipe. Nom nom nom, looking forward to trying it out! Good Luck Val!

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