Monday, February 23, 2015

French girls do it better...

What we can learn from our French girlfriends .. and what they can learn from us...
Lingerie from Primark
The French - you either love or hate them and when it comes to French women , the majority of us are mostly slightly intimidated by them! With their aloof ways and superior attitude, I feel goofy, un co-ordinated and clumsy as they blow smoke into my face and studiously ignore me ( me at school gates waiting for kids in France for 8 years!), wearing black to my rainbow colours and staring me down when I smile and try to make conversation...I bow to them in the following..

As a keen swimmer, I have come up close and personal with women's underwear in the dressing rooms of pools in both France and Ireland. French women, no matter their size, will always have matching lingerie. Lingerie, ladies, and not grey granny knickers paired with an ill fitting off colour bra. What a French girlfriend wears under her clothes is nearly more important that her outer garments. Lacy, sexy, matching, colourful stuff. Treat yourself for Valentines day girls and invest in a well fitting, matching set - you'll be surprised at what a confidence boost this will give you!

Eating and Drinking
A meal is to be savoured, enjoyed and lingered over. Food is a delight, not just fuel or something to be afraid of. Embrace it without overindulging. Drinking is something you do with food. In my 12 years living in France, I never saw a drunk French girl. It's not pretty, cool or clever to be rat assed.
French women, despite eating apparently whatever they want, don't get fat as the book of the same name testifies ( debatable, as the French obesity rates creep up and up)
However, As Ireland lurches towards being the fattest nation in Europe, we could take a leaf out of their diet books....

Being mysterious
The thrill, girls, is very often in the chase and this is what makes a French woman attractive. While French women may very often lack in personality, they make up for it with their mysterious ways. And this advice goes mostly for young girls : you will never see a French girl half naked with her butt cheeks hanging down under her skirt/skimpy shorts. You will never see a French girl caked in makeup wearing 8 inch stilletto heels. You will never see a French girl sporting the spray tan orange glow. Irish girls, take note, it is not attractive. You look like prostitutes. Put it away and keep the guys are beautiful without all that gunk on your face and body and without exposing 99% of your flesh.

Love Life
French women are very much into their 'vie en couple'. In fact, they rarely do anything without their significant other half. Us Irish women probably could invest a bit more time and effort into our romantic lives. Sex is important to the French lady, even as she gets a little older. It seems to me that once an Irish woman has bagged her man, that things can slide a little, from looking after oneself, putting on weight and keeping it interesting in the bedroom.
For example, every time I went to get my bits waxed at the local French beauty parlour, the beautician would ask me would I like to nether regions shaped into a heart or ladyscaped into a landing strip as my husband would surely adore it, maybe a few vajazzles, madame??
Ehh, he's from you think he'd notice?
And this from a lady whose name was Fanny LeCoq, I kid you not.....

Have you any examples of what French women do better?
Next post - what we can teach our French sisters......

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  1. French women are better at stealing husbands too!


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