Friday, February 19, 2010

France, the Seductress

France seduced me. More specifically the Pyrenees Orientales pulled out all the stops eight years ago, when I left sodden Ireland to arrive in the sun drenched South of France for a weekend skiing.
It was the clear blue skies in January, dining al fresco in tee shirts with the backdrop of the snow capped Pyrenees, the food, the wine, the beautiful cobblestoned villages ... I lapped up the attentions of my sensual suitor and fell hook, line and sinker.

After an unforgettable weekend, I shoe horned myself out of the department and hurried back to Ireland, gave up my pensionable accountancy job, packed my bags and said au revoir to life as I knew it.

Eight years and two children later, I don't regret a minute of the rollercoaster ride I've experienced since falling for France, life sure has been anything but boring.

But , this isn't another blog about how wonderful life is in France, le vie est belle , tra la la la la .. I'm telling it like it is .. the highs , the lows and the in betweens ..
Time to wake up and Smell the Croissants!

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