Saturday, February 26, 2011

A match made in heaven...

.. Or Maison Guilhot to be exact.

There are many fantastic things about living where we do in France and one of them is living slap bang in the largest vineyard in the world. The Languedoc Roussillon produces more wine than any other region in the world. There are over 50,000 vine growers and nearly 3000 private vineyards in the Region. Plenty of serious good wines to choose from and plenty of good locally grown and produced food to match those delicious wines too.

During the week, I had the honour of being at a food and wine matching soirée hosted by George Guilhot, Maison Guilhot and Bruno Leger of Lycée Hôtelier Léon Blum.
Marie Pierre Piquemal of Domaine PIQUEMAL, d'Espira de l'Agly introduced us to her sumptious selection of wines which Bruno matched to the following menu :

Muscat Sec : Tartine de beurre d'algue

Terres Grillées Blanc : Topinambour de Saint Jacques

Le chant des Frères Rouge : Foie gras poivre

Colline Oubliée Rouge : Hamburger de Canard,et son ketchup de betterave

CRV Galatée : Boeuf carotte en cassolette

Muscat de Rivesaltes : Compote orange amère, riz au lait.

Far from being a stuffy wine matching exercise, Marie Pierre Piquemal regaled us with stories and the banter and chat flowed along with the wines. Bruno and Georges had obviously diligently done their homework and the food and wine married each other perfectly; each mouthful a true taste sensation.. nom nom nom, looking forward to the next one already!!!

Georges independent wine cave is situated in the heart of Perpignan at 13 place des poilus. He regularly holds wine and food tasting soirées and stocks his favourite wines from the Roussillon and all over France.

An address not to be missed on your visit to Perpignan. Georges also speaks perfect English.

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