Monday, June 04, 2012

June 4 Photo - Human Pyramid

The tradition of building Castels or Human Pyramids started in Catalonia towards the end of the 18th century - it's an amazing spectacle to watch as all parties of the pyramid have their role and place in the building of it.
The Castellers usually wear a costume of white pants, colourful shirt and most importantly, the wide sash ( faixa) aroud their waist to support their back and to be used as a foothold or handhold for those climbing up to another tier of the Pyramid.
Their motto is "Força, equilibri, valor i seny" (Strength, balance, courage and common sense).
Nerve wrecking to watch, as the last person to climb to the pinnacle is usually a light young child, this is not to be missed if you are visiting Catalonia and there is an exhibition near by.
Castellers in Cabestany

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