Friday, February 08, 2013

Mind Your P's and Q's in Paris

The French have a reputation as being rude, arrogant and impolite. In Paris, even more so, ranking highly in polls as unfriendly, unhelpful and downright difficult. The metro and the trains are interesting places to observe the Pushy Parisians and anyone who has lived there, will tell of the angst just merely getting from A to B on a daily basis.
The National train service provider, SNCF, has employed over 100 stewards in the trains, to ensure that the Feckless French mind their P's and Q's and behave themsevles.
Their remit is to stop passengers putting their feet up on seats, to eliminate smoking, drinking, spitting and giving the finger, among other offences, i.e., to teach them some manners.
'Les agents pour lutter contre les incivilites' have a tough job , with a recent poll of commuters indicating that 97% of those polled had suffered some 'incivility' in the past month. Their slogan is "Il n y'a pas de petite incivilité ", there is no such thing as a small impoliteness .. sounds like they have their work cut out for them!!!
Anyone from Paris notice any difference since the Politeness Police have come into force?

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