Friday, June 10, 2011

Team Try

With my mid life crisis in full swing after hitting the 40 mark last month, a group of us 'Fit and Forties' are going to take part in a "triathlon découverte" this weekend in Argeles plage.
This all seemed like a great idea way way back in January when it was 24 weeks to go and we had plenty of time to train and prepare - summer days in June seemed like a distant dream. Now with less than 48 hours to togging off, the butterflies are doing their own triathlon in my tummy and the rest of the team are getting pretty jittery too!
We'll be fine, I keep telling myself, the distances are very do-able : a 250m swim, a 7km cycle and a 2km run. The only problem is, all our mates are coming to see us drag our sorry triathlon asses around the course - the slagging, will no doubt, go on for years..
We aim to complete the course and in fairness have been doing alot of training, both in and outside of the bar!
C'Mon Team Try!! We Can Do It!
Yes we can, can't we?

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