Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Revolt of the Pigeons

I'm outta here!
Mr Getrealfrance was watching the news last night and came to bed with his big puzzled head on, what's a pigeon in French and why are they revolting?
This week, a massive twitter campaign has started to snowball with the hashtag #geonpi and it has caught the attention of the traditional media - but what the hell has this got to do with pigeons, I hear you ask?
Well, in France, they have this funny slang language, called verlan, where they inverse the words , ie meuf = femme, flic = keuf, fête = teuf ( have I lost you yet?) and pigeon becomes geonpi.
In French pigeon is slang for the scapegoat, the fallguy, the one who pulls the shortest straw and this is how France's entrepreneurs are feeling this week as Mr Le President rolls out his plans for budget 2013.
Why are Frances start up companies and entrepreneurs up in arms? Well, you see they feel that they are paying for the fonctionnaires ( civil servants), for the 60,000 new teachers that Hollande has promised and being punished for the capital sin of entrepreneurship ( a dirty word as far as socialists are concerned)
Why the revolt? Because the new regime plans to double the Capital Gains Tax on the risk taking, hard working pigeons from about 30% to 60%..
Finance minsiter did nothing to assuage the Pigeons fears on Friday when he said  “those who earn while sleeping, it is not right that capital income is taxed at a lower rate than income from work.”
But Mr Finance Minister, these are the guys that take the risks, create jobs and promote growth in a country.
Investors and entrepreneurs will be flocking out of the country if this new regime is imposed and who would blame them? Hollande also plans to attack the new auto entrepreneur scheme which will only see small businesses go straight back on to the Black Market, the only way that they can survive.
France will be left with a nation of under achievers, institutionalised social welfare recipients and fonctionnaires. 
God Save La France...and God Speed the Pigeons


  1. And I thought Sarkozy was bad news....!

    Counting my blessings that we left France when we did...would be nice to sell the house, though!

    1. Bring back Sarko, I say!
      Where is your house Fly? Can you post a link?

    2. It's in the Loire Valley

      I think this is the link

      But how typical of an agent...couldn't even be bothered to open the shutters.....and shows the summer kitchen with back to the windows!

    3. Looks like a fine house Fly. Are you advertising privately as well? Most buyers are trying to avoid the agency fees these days many sales are private..

    4. I haven't...apart from Leboncoin any ideas?


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