Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I Love About France - Our beach

The beaches in Autumn are more or less empty here in the Deep South of France. The weather is still warm and very pleasant ( we were all in swimming yesterday) and everyone is relaxed and chilled out now that the crowds have migrated North once again.
It always amazes me that the tourist season is not longer here, something the local tourist boards seem to overlook.
The beach to ourselves


  1. What amasing photos! You are making me very fact, I am very jealous! Lucky ducks. Make the most of it. Xxx

  2. Great empty beaches here too in the Vendee. Interesting to hear that you have the same situation with short tourist seasons despite the weather. Everything here closes swiftly on 31st August despite our tourist centre/Palais de Congres employing over 50 people. Unfortunately we haven't been so lucky with the weather this October. The rescue helicopter has just flown overhead, swimming not recommended !


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