Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't be mean to us!

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The people vote in a socialist president who has no experience of politics or running a country. Why? Mainly because they were jealous of the current president with his bling lifestyle and supermodel wife, the guy who was trying to drag the country into the present and dealing with idiotic socialistic ideals like a 35 hour working week and the youngest retirement age on the planet.

This new president quickly starts to bring the country to it's knees. Introducing punitive taxes for small to medium businesses ( the back bone of every economy) and a tax rate for the rich at over 75%. France cannot be competitive with soaring socialist costs, yet the president surges on in denial.

The people start leaving the sinking socialist ship, particularly those who are earning good money. Actors, artists, the country's most richest man, leading the possé. The prime minister calls them "pathetic"

The country has not balanced it's books since 1974 and still behaves like a superpower with endless dosh in the bank.

An anti gay marriage protest brings nearly a million people out on the streets in the capital city on a Sunday afternoon, when you would have nothing better to do, like.

Former sex symbol makes headline news and says she wants to leave the country too ... because two poor sick elephants are going to be put down in the zoo.

A French MEP, Corrine Lepage speaks out and says "Stop being mean to us! Stop bashing the French and treating us like a laughing stock. This is a country blessed by the Gods and the poor Frenchman can no longer stand all this bashing" "Stop treating my country like the scum of the earth and a joke"

Are YOU having a larf, Corrine?

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