Monday, January 21, 2013

Olive Oil Festival

With not even a 'flocon' of snow here in the deep south of France this weekend, we decided to head over the mountain into Spain and check out the famous Olive oil festival just over the border.
Olive Oil by the gallon
After a lazy Sunday morning, we didn't get going until late and took the winding road from Banyuls sur mer up and over les Albères. It was worth the white knuckled drive and the stopping for car sickie children, when we arrived at the bustling little town of Espolla. Unbelievable to think that so many artisnal producers would flock to such a tiny village in the middle of nowhere ; the streets were bursting with stalls and a huge crowd had turned out to sample the fare and savour the atmosphere.
Monsieur Le Pain
We had missed the lunch and the live music, but were in time for the olive stone spitting competition and all the food stalls were still there in full swing.
Olive stone spitting competition. Taken very seriously indeed.
We happily meandered through the streets, buying olive oil, of course, some wonderfully aged cheeses, tapenades, fresh breads, honey and other goodies.
A foodie's paradise. Highly recommend if you're in the area..Vive L'Espagne!


  1. Spanish olive oil is the best! Yum. You're so lucky to live close to the border. In my hometown I was far from everything. No sea, no moutains,no big city... No wonder why I wanted to emigrate ;-)

    1. You don't paint a pretty picture FFID! How do your friends survive there? Have they all left as well?


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