Saturday, March 09, 2013

Calm after the storm

The Pyrenees Orientales was on alert rouge here for a couple of days this week. When it rains, it pours here in the Deep South!
We're on the med here, practically a lake for all intents and purposes and we rarely see waves. The surfers drop everything once they see a ripple in the water and dash headfirst into the big pond.
So when we get waves like this in Collioure .. it's making hay time!
Collioure - surfin dude
Things we rarely see in Perpignan!

Our road is blocked. One poor soul got washed away in the deluge during the week
In Canet, all kinds of sealife were hurtled onto the sand by the crashing waves. This seagull got lucky with a sea snake
Le lendemain. Blue skies are restored. Snow is forecast for Tuesday though! The world has gone mad!


  1. The weather has definitely been bizarre in March. But spring is coming, slowly but surely. Great pictures by the way

    1. Thanks William. Are you living in the PO as well?


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