Monday, April 08, 2013

The 11 Year itch

It's not me, it's you
Latest statistics show that most couples who divorce do so after 11 years of being together. It's no longer tagged the 7 year itch but now it's the 11 year itch; time to get out of that relationship that has run it's course and just does not light that fire any longer.
So France and I are getting divorced.
11 years ago , I arrived in France with a smidgeen of French, a backpack full of dreams and a notion that I might stay for a couple of years. I fell headlong in love with the most beautiful region in France, that is the Pyrenees Orientales, and everyday I am still blown away by the beauty of the place.
We've had 11 happy years of long lazy summers, mild winters, 2 healthy and happy children, years of meeting wonderful and interesting people, entertaining visitors chez nous, enjoying everything France has to offer and literally having the Life of O'Reilly.
So why oh why I hear you say are you leaving all that behind you and heading to the sodden ole island that is Ireland. I hear the incredulity in your voices, I see the raised eyebrows and I know that you think I've lost it.  The house is sold, the packing must begin and we are on our way back to live in a country where we haven't lived in for over 16 years.
Are we MAD?
While my marriage with France is over, I think we will get on better as sometime lovers and I look forward to visiting France and getting my fill of all the things I love about this great country - this stunning region, the wines and the food, the weather , the med and the mountains and all of France's little quirky idiosyncrasies that make her the most seductive country in the world.
C´est rien qu´un au revoir, tu sais
Bientôt je reviendrai
Je reviendrai pour te revoir
Et pour te retrouver

4 months now to the big move....


  1. Best of luck with the move home!

  2. Hope the move goes smoothly and Ireland is all you want it to be.

  3. Home is where the heart is and the heart is always worth following x

  4. We will miss the lovely trips to Perp but look forward to seeing ye more. Will also miss your interesting and entertaining blog Bids so you might do the reverse and start one about life in have a great talent. Love ye lots and welcome the "Big Return".x

    1. Aww, thanks babe! Looking fwd to seeing more of you all as well xx

  5. You haven't said why you are leaving though?

    1. Aha, I was wondering would anyone notice!!! Next blog post!


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