Monday, September 02, 2013

Coming Home Song

Some of you may be old enough to remember this classic ESB ad that was released at Christmas time in 1988.
Kind of sums up my feelings at the moment.
I've come home. And it feels good.


  1. We are an Irish family living in France and are seriously thinking of moving back. Looking forward to hearing about your experience especially regarding the schools!Best of luck.

  2. Hoping to post soon, but so far, the experience has been so much better that we expected. The welcome we have received from the locals and the schools had been énorme!
    The schools do so much outside of the academic curriculum, it would make your head spin .. all sports, drama, art, an orchestra, orienteering, surfing, gardening, baking, radio and tv work, chess, needlework, charity work, etc etc.
    Our kids are loving it and so are we.
    Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to chat
    Good luck with your decision


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