Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School's cool!

Uniforms! Halleluiah!
Well, we've been back in Ireland for over 6 weeks now after living in France for 11 years. How are you settling in, people keep asking us and what do you miss about France?
We're settling in as if we never left the place, except for now, we have an appreciation for Ireland that we never would have had before, warts and all, we are loving all that this fair isle has to offer.
While I am very aware that we are in the honeymoon period and everything is still new and shiny (yet all so familiar and comfortable ... like finding an old pair of comfy faded jeans at the back of your wardrobe that still fit after 11 years), It feels real and it feels like home.
The welcome we have received in the town we have chosen has been extraordinary and the schools are second to none. Our main concern moving here was that the children would fit in ok in their new schools considering all their education had been in French up to this point. Aged 6 and 8, we felt the French education system was too rigid and strict with no room for personal development, art or expressing oneself.
The amount of stuff on in their new schools here would make you dizzy ; there is an orchestra, orienteering, surfing, kayaking, drama, swimming, chess, dancing, singing, gardening, every kind of a sport you can imagine as well as gentlemanly awards and deportment classes.
The mission statement of the school states, among other things that :
"Every pupil is encouraged to achieve his full potential – socially, personally and intellectually – in a happy, secure learning environment.
The discipline in our school encourages and fosters respect and self-esteem among the pupils.
We endeavour to develop supportive and open communication among pupils, teachers, parents, Board of Management and the community." 
Music to our ears - the children seem to be extremely happy and skip into school every day. Long may it continue.......10/10 for the schools in Ireland so far...W


  1. Welcome back to Ireland, Karen! Mam told me about your blogs and I've loved reading them. Delighted to hear you are happy with the school as I'm a primary school teacher myself - I really hope it all works out for you all and hope to see ye soon xxx Marie Banaghan

    1. Thanks a million Maire. Would love to hook up with ye soon. Come and visit us in Clon xxx

  2. Totally agree about the french education system being rigid, after my childrens schools in England I found the difference here startling and extremely unbending in their approach, as for career guidance, there was none !! Great to hear you are so happy.

  3. Thanks for your comment Sally. The children are thriving in the nurturing environment.


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