Monday, November 14, 2011

La Cantine

One of the reasons the French are so great at eating all foods, I reckon, is that from a very early age , they are exposed to a range of foods that their Irish cousins would not even recognise.

Have a look at this menu :

Couscous salad , Escalope of rosemary pork, young carrots with parsley, slice of brie, fruit of the season

Green salad mix, Catalan meat balls, Purrée of potatoes, Cheese ( tome noire), Syrup of pears

Radishes cooked in butter, Fish served on a fondue of leeks, Cheese, Ile flottante

Theme : India. All dishes shall have an Indian theme

Carrot salad, Fillet of fish with creme of spinach, panaché of green beans, Cheese (mimolette), Apple compote

Mouth watering, oui? This is the menu in my kids canteen this week. The kids also have 2 hours for the meal break - no such thing as stuffing a sandwich down your neck at your desk in school and being shoved out the door to play in the yard.

Bon appetit you lucky enfants!!!

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