Sunday, December 18, 2011

Truffles - worth their weight in gold

Photo from L'independant today
The first truffle market of the season took place in Villefranche de Conflent this weekend and due to the scarcity of truffles, went under the hammer for just over 1000euros per kilo. Roughly about the price of gold on today's open market.
So if you're looking for something safe to put your money into, you'd be wise to invest in the "diamond of the kictchen", the tasty "truffe"
What is a truffle anyway, and what's the big deal?
A truffle, apparently, is an underground mushroom, that is found in wooded areas and is snuffed out by trained truffle hogs or dogs. There are all types of truffles; black truffles, white ones, Chinese truffles and pecan truffles, all with their own characteristics and price tags.
A white truffle was famously sold for 200,000euros in Northern Italy in 2007!!!!
Get your dogs out there folks!!!
A few years ago, a gang of us went to the restaurant, La Galinette, in Perpignan, a rather posh establishment, boasting a Michelin star at the time. The waiter came to our table, and with a flourish, placed what looked like a lump of dog poo resting in a cocoon of cotton wool in the centre of the table. All 8 of us looked around for the hidden cameras and then guessed it must be some kind of dip and started poking the stuff with the cheese sticks that had been served with our apero.
Like a frenzied SWAT team, every waiter in the restaurant pounced on our table and whipped the 'poo poo' away from the fecking ignorant Paddies. They were the prized truffles that were featured in nearly every dish on the menu... 
Oh well, That'll teach em for showing off!!!

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