Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Port Vendres - an afternoon's delight

The lovely Port Vendres is often overshadowed by its glam and glitzy neighbour, Collioure, but, for me, is far more attractive, with some serious fish restaurants, the wonderful criée where you can buy your fish fresh from the fisherman, it's meandering cobblestone streets, the fantastic Saturday markets  .. Port Vendres , in contrast to Collioure, feels like a real working town, with real people going about their real daily lives.
Cap Béar and the road navigating it's way South along the rocky coastline and leading to the most beautiful little coves and private beaches is a well kept secret that even most locals don't know about.
Shhhhhhh, Just don't tell anyone else, ok?? 
We spent a wonderful afternoon hugging the coastline in our friend's boat - a real taste of summer here today... Bring It On!!!!

Pre sail excitement

calm march waters

les filles!

Collioure in the distance - wish I had a good camera!

The much painted quai du fanal

An artists delight
If you're looking for accommodation in the area, you will not find a nicer house than my sisters house nestled in the vineyards, overlooking the med . Click here for more details ....


  1. I just hope we will get back there soon, we had a great holiday there a few years ago. this time we will hire a car and explore a bit more, of the wonderful area xxxGAB

  2. Plenty of room here for GAB, and you're always welcome! x

  3. I am "oh my God"ing here on the couch in beautiful is that for a Wednesday! You live in a piece of paradise! Xx

  4. we'll revisit when you get back down here .... soon .. xx

  5. Oh Karen ... are u trying to drive us all nuts here... u so are in paradise...


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