Friday, March 02, 2012

Cancer Support France

Some people are just brilliant. 
The people who make up Cancer Support France are brilliant - they voluntarily provide a support service to English speaking people who are affected by cancer. With a website and an active forum, they offer advice and counselling for people and families providing linguistic, emotional or practical help to those who need it.
Cancer Support France was formed in October 2002 following the experience of breast cancer and its treatment of its founder Linda Shepherd. The cancer was discovered shortly after settling in the Poitou-Charentes.
Radiotherapy proved to be the most difficult period, and during a psychologically disturbed time, Linda realised how fortunate she was to be able to speak some French as the only support services available to her were in French.
She recognised the additional stress placed on a patient who has no or very limited French skills on top of a potentially life-threatening disease, and decided to explore the possibilities of creating a support group.
"I handled the initial surgery quite well, but I had a very difficult time during my subsequent treatment. Fortunately my specialists recognised psychological reactions, and made sure I had the support I needed. It was a good job I could speak some French, as a lot of consultations and all my emotional care had to be given in French. This made me think how lucky I was and how difficult it must be for someone to cope in a similar situation but without the language." The experience prompted her to set up CSF
In the PO, CSF is run by Penny Parkinson, who does a formidable job. She organises "drop in" days where you can "drop in" every first and third Wed of the month at Pablo's Bar, Place Picasso, Céret. Next Wednesday, 7th March , you can meet Ruth and Nathalie from Elements beauty where they will demonstrate reflexology.
Whether it is for a chat, for information, to share stories, or just for a cuppa.........anyone affected in whatever way by cancer, either recently or in the past, and anyone interested in finding out more about CSF is welcome to drop in at any time..
There is also a drop in centre in Prades every first and third Thursday of the month.
For more information please contact either Penny at or on 0468 388 128

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  1. A really great concept for those suffering from cancer, family members or those who have lost their loved ones to cancer.


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