Friday, July 20, 2012

Letter of Resignation

To the management

I hear-by submit my resignation as chief of operations at Hotel O'Reilly as and from today. Whilst it has been a very enjoyable experience and I've met loads of distant relatives that I didn't even know existed, I feel that my skills and experience are not being appreciated nor am I being remunerated adequately for something that has become a full time job.
Not only do I provide full board 5 star accommodation with private pool, I also provide tours of the region, airport pick ups and drop offs, entertainment every evening, the best of wines and food. Hospital and doctor visits, translating services, help and assistance with travelling issues, free land lines to Ireland, internet access, tea, coffee, cold drinks, rosé, ice creams on tap, full linen service, no fees for breakages of anything in the house including electrical and the odd fire or two.
The job has become 24/7 and for this amazing service, I receive the sum total of nothing.
Running a gite would be a piece of cake!

I wish the candidate good luck in his new role. If he has any queries at all, please feel free to contact me.. I  shall be found pool side, feet up, with a good book and an ice cold perrier.

Yours Sincerely
Karen O'Reilly


  1. Had enough of the rels, have we? I don't blame you. Their holiday is rarely yours.

    I don't have that problem as I have no extra room and no pool, and a full-time job. :)

    1. Ah no, we love having them to be honest .. and the kids have a blast and are spoilt rotten. It was meant as a tongue in cheek joke really :)

  2. You can come and stay with me any time.......I will also provide services as listed above free of charge.....don't have a pool though sorry but plenty of g & t!!! Kisses!!?,

  3. You're just too nice Karen. But it seems a shame to leave a job that you are so good at, why dont you offer the sort of extras that people pay for? love p x

  4. It's just that you are so good at it... in fact that's why u get all de repeat business! U forgot to include the free bikini s ...thanks again for yet another wonderful evening :)

  5. Have you resigned from blogworld too? Miss you :)

  6. aw thanks fab 40, am in the wild west of ireland with very limited internet access, back online next week, 'see' you then!


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