Saturday, July 14, 2012

Letter to My Son

                                                                                                 13 rue paul valery
                                                                                                 Cabestany 66330
                                                                                                 July 14 2012
Dylan Harrington
13 rue paul valery
Cabestany 66330

Dearest Dylan
How are you today my little man? Haven't we had the most brilliant fun with all our Irish cousins this week? Cousins really are the best bananas, aren't they?
You are getting to be so big and strong - the fastest boy in the "cour" in school, you never stop running and climbing and getting into all kinds of scrapes.
You were the opposite to your sister, arriving feet first 5 years ago , 3 weeks late, a buster of a baby and you had all the nurses in tears as you were the biggest breach baby to be born naturally in the clinic. We were so happy to see you and your Daddy delighted in singing the hokey pokey for weeks afterwards much to my squirming embarrassment " He put his left leg out and his left leg in ...."
Every day is fun with you Dylan , an Aries like your Granny Dee, you live life to the max, squeezing the last drop of craic out of every minute.
Mammy and Daddy love every single little thing about you Dylan - you are the coolest 5 year old in town.

Lots of Love and Hugs

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