Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drink more water!

I have two very beautiful belle soeurs ( sisters in law) who look alot younger than their years - they are always impeccably turned out and made up and look amazing, tous le fecking temps..
They drink gallons of water every day , a habit, every time I spend any time with them, I vow I will adopt, but after a few days of guzzling water, I'm back to my old habits of drinking cups of coffee or nothing at all ( Tut tut, Slaps own hand on wrist! )
This French ad for drinking water which I just saw on the box is cute and inspiring me once again to keep knocking back the H²0...
Everybody's free ( to wear sunscreen) ... and drink water!!


  1. trop mi mi, cette pub!

  2. Evian ads are always really cool. :)

    1. yes, i love the one on the roller skates as well :)

  3. Am with you on this.....I also try, 1 pint first thing in the morning seemingly gets the metabolism know what I mean!

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