Monday, April 23, 2012

What would happen if Le Pen was president

Marine with Daddy dearest
Marine le Pen is the leader of the National Front, the Far Right party in France and came third in Frances's first round of presidential voting yesterday ( yes, this is France , they vote once to whittle the candidates down to the top two and  then a second vote will be held in a few weeks time)
Born in 1968, she took over the National Front in 2011 from her Father, Jean Marie Le Pen. Married and twice divorced, she is the Mother of three children and is a lawyer by profession.
The National Front is a party that opposes immigration, particularly Muslim immigration from North Africa and the Middle East and in previous campaigns has proposed to send the three million non-Europeans out of France by "humane and dignified means." 
It's a political party that has in the past, canvassed for historic revisionism, claiming that the Holocaust figures were greatly exaggerated as was the Nazi occupation of France. "The Nazi gas chambers were just a point of detail in the second world war" claimed Jean Marie Le Pen.
If his youngest daughter, Marine, became president ....
  • The French Franc would be re-introduced and the euro binned
  • Foreigners would never be allowed to vote or obtain nationality
  • France would be a protected state "favouring secularism and prosperity"
  • There would be total and utter opposition to free trade 
  • As a strong euro sceptic, France would leave the EU
  • She would pull France out of NATO
  • She would have nothing to do with the WTO, World Bank or the IMF
  • She would end legal immigration and all illegal immigrants would be sent packing
  • Any law breaking immigrants would be deported
  • French people would be first - for jobs, welfare and accommodation
  • The death penalty would be re-introduced
Her message is clear, France is for the French and she doesn't want any other nationalities muddying the waters .. When she took over the reins of the party from her Dad, JM Le Pen, she tried to tone down his neo nazi extreme far right sentiments, but now and then , she drops herself in it, like her comment at a recent speech when she called the regular blocking of public streets for Muslim prayers in French cities an "occupation of parts of the territory" .
She has taken on the job of softening the National Front's image by supporting womens' rights and gay rights, but in reality, her views may be alot more extreme than she would have us believe and there are many who question her actual 'Islamaphobia'

1 out of 4 voters in Perpignan voted for this lady yesterday

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