Friday, April 27, 2012

Rue de L'ange ( Angel Street ) Perpignan

Rue de L'ange is one of my favourite streets in Perpignan , a busy little pedestrian street, it's jam packed with the most quirky shops and cafés.
It gets its name from the 15th century when there was a "fête de l'ange' to pray to the angel to keep them safe from the plague.
The little statue of the virgin angel can be viewed at Number 2 rue de l'ange, behind an old iron grill but the older generation of Perpignan have another name for her ;  " Mare de Due pixosa" (Pissy Mother of God)
Apparently, at the end of rue de L'ange there used to be a busy tavern/brothel and once the patrons of this establishment would leave, they would traditionally relieve themselves under the beady eye of the silent statue. Hence, she literally stank to high heavens!

Anyway, these days, Rue de L'ange is home to some gorgeous establishments , art galleries and museums; There's the wonderful coffee shop, La Cafetiere Catalan, which is a must visit when you come to Perpignan ( My Mom always brings an empty suitcase to stock up on their divine aromatic coffees). With a huge choice of teas and coffees, people travel from far and wide to purchase their goodies here ..
gorgeous shop fronts
Right beside it, is one of my favourite places in Perpignan - Le Paradis Foullis, a "thé brocante" , this lovely tea shop is packed with all kinds of brocante bric a brac - everything is for sale in this original tea shop, the chair you sit on, your table, the cups and saucers and all the gorgeous deco.

Window art
There's L'Atelier, a jewellery shop where they make everything themselves right there - I got my best friends bridal jewellery made there to match exactly to her bridesmaid dresses..nearly every piece in there is unique and they've started doing an eclectic range of clothes as well.
Buy yourself a cheeky Catalan caganer !!
A little bit off the beaten track, Rue de L'Ange is well worth a gander

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