Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The joy of Spring

Wednesday in France is a day off from school, the day the kids get to do their activities, because, franchement, with all the homework they get, you really couldn't really fit any extra curricular activities in after a normal day at school. We spend our Wednesdays whizzing around from violin to gymnastics, from tennis to art, grabbing some sustenance on the run usually in the form of a sandwich in the car or a snatched coffee watching the kids play tennis.
Today, although we are were running late, we were stopped in our tracks and just had to get closer and investigate this magnificent field of poppies.
Is there anything more joyful than running though a field of poppies?
Why walk when you can run?

Pure Joy

Dylan "Not another flipping photograph!"

Happiness is ....

.... the stuff of dreams


  1. gorgeous photos, makes me want to paint!

    1. what is it a about poppies that wants you to take out your paints and paint them?

  2. Amasing...look at Alannah....amasing! You are some maman, this is what life is all about, grabbing those moments amongst the chaos, joyous! X

  3. Lovely photos,Wednesday is known as "need a G&T" day in my books !

    1. Can identify with that. It's Big Glass Of Red Wine day for me! :)

  4. GORGEOUS photos Karen, you should turn 'Happiness is" one into a cross stitch pattern xx


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