Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What an education!

One of the lovely things about living where we are is the ability to hop over the border and be in another country ; Spain. Spent last weekend in EmpuriaBrava ( The Venice of Spain) , on the Costa Brava celebrating a girlfriends significant birthday with a gang of ex pat girlfriends.
48 hours of hanging out with the girls can be a pretty educational experience.
Things I learned this weekend in no particular order:

  • Qué usted tiene un barco? - Do you have a boat? in Spanish
  • TOWIE stands for The Only Way is Essex
  • Hast du ein boot? Do you have a boat in German
  • Anal bleaching has gone mainstream
  • Add two spoonfuls of boiling hot water to your mix to make perfect cupcakes
  • Qué usted tiene un grande barco? Do you have a big boat? in Spanish
  • Botox doesn't work
  • My girlfriends make the best curry!
  • Vajazzles are trending
  • Qué usted tiene un grande bueno barco? Do you have a nice big boat? in Spanish
  • Snail trail cream is the biz

Yes, you read it correctly .. commenting on my friend Christine's fab glowing skin, she let me in on the secret .. she uses a face cream with snail trail extracts!! You can buy this cream just over the border in La Jonquera for 7euros 50 and it's supposed to be magic.
Apparently, the people who were working in a snail factory producing snails for the French market discovered that their hands were really smooth and wrinkle free.Cuts and scrapes would also heal really quickly. Research was undertaken and 'snail trail' was proven to have all kinds of good stuff for your stuff like Vitamin A and E, Elastin and Collagen. They have since been producing a whole range of skin products with the 'snail trail' extract with great success. 
If Christine's skin is anything to go by, we will be all looking 10 years younger before too long.. We stocked up on the hydrating moisturising cream with SPF 20 and have been lashing it on since. It's a bit sticky icky on application ( best not to think too much about that) but is absorbed really easily and has a pleasant lightly fragranced smell..
With a 41st birthday soon approaching, I'll take all the help I can get!!! 
Thanks girls for a great weekend!


  1. Haha. The secrets out. am off to stock up on supplies before they run out!!

    1. I'm off to stock up myself soon! Went to the hypermarket in La Jonquera. Pretty scary place! We stuck close together!

  2. Dead right about how soft your hands are after preparing snails...I used to help out at the annual snailfest in the village and my hands were wonderful for the week we were working!

    1. Really? Not just some marketing hype then? Shall I send you a jar to Costa Rica?

  3. Oh yes please!
    I'll even pay!

    Currently I'm cooking down passion fruit pulp for drinks...boy, does that clean your hands, just clearing out the filters!

    1. Seriously? Send me your address by email and I'll pick you up one on my next Spanish hop

  4. Get me a tube, jar Kazzzzzz pleasey :-)
    I want eternal youth too .......

  5. sounds marvelous, Karen!! it would have to work a miracle on 66 year old skin, well they say Miracles Do happen.GAB xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. yes, it seems to be good so far! Do you want me to get you a jar as well? Must collect though ;-)

    2. Must collect from where KAAAAA??????

  6. Ah thanks for recapitulating our fab weekend! Brilliant !


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