Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Sunshine Award

I was delighted and excited to receive a Sunshine award from a blogger called Rachel who writes fab40foibles .She writes a very lovely honest and inspirational blog about turning 40. I've never met her but she sounds like someone I could have lots of fun with, she lives in France and likes reading, running, some wine and family time. A bit like me really!
Anyway, the blog award is an award that bloggers give to other  “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. I'm genuinely chuffed, thank you Fab40! *Blush* 

There are a few easy rules to follow:
  1. I must thank the person who gave this award in a blog post: 
  2. Do the Q&A below: 
  3. Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs 
The Questions
Favorite Colour: Has to be poppy red. See post here
Favourite Animal:  My favourite animal was my sister's King Charles called  Sláinte . He was the most adorable little dog and when I came to France on my own 10 years ago, he was my best friend! He went everywhere with me as I walked him all over Perpignan, getting to know and to love the sights and sounds of my new home. He was a frisky, funny bundle of  fluff and I loved him. 
Favourite Number: Don't really have one but if I'm doing the lotto ( which is every week now!!!) , I'll always go for 5 and 7 , the age of my two children.
Favourite Drink: Hmm, toughie. At the end of a long day running around with the kids ; a glass of red wine ( or two ). Mohitos if I'm partying. Have to kick start the day with a coffee and you can't beat the cup of tay either ( especially when you are in Ireland for some reason!)
Facebook or Twitter : Just getting into Twitter now, I find it's good for keeping up to date with the news. FB great for spying and keeping up with huge extended Irish family and friends all over the world.
Your Passion: Can I be corny and say my family and friends? Got the best of both really. I'm not good at corny but I know I am blessed to be surrounded by the most fantastic people. I know you can't choose your family, but I would deffo have chosen mine. 
Giving or getting presents: Giving, although my 40th birthday pressie last year was pretty special as all our buddies chipped in to send us on a cruise! Merci encore! It was the trip of a lifetime
Favourite Day: Lazy Sundays. Love having no agenda. Waking up, plonking the kids in front of les dessins animés and going back to bed for some more zzz's. A long lazy lunch with some nice wines and good food and company and a sneaky Sunday siesta = perfect day
Favourite Flowers: At the mo, gotta be those poppies. Also love margeuritas ; the giantsize daisies and lilies

Passing the Award On
I'm quite new to this game of blogging ( only began in earnest a couple of months ago ) but these are my pick of the bloggers I've come to know and admire, for many different reasons:

Pomme de Jour

Paula's Kitchen Table

Writers Block Admin Services

French Culinary Capers

FoodBorn and Bred

St Bloggie de Riviere

French Leave

Diddle and Ro


Over to you to spread the sunshine people!


  1. Kaz well's to slainte, remember him well! X

    1. Thanks Ro! Do yo remember , he used to get better service when we went out to eat. Water for Slainte,even before we were air kissed.
      Mwah Mwah to le dog in heaven!

  2. Congrats Karen, very well deserved, most enjoyable reading and insights into living in France as a non national. Lovely award to get coming up 2 your Birthday. Love Aunty

    1. Thanks Aunty Betty for reading, and as always for your feedback and input.
      All feedback welcome, positive or negative x

  3. Well done Karen much deserved...belated happy bday too I think !!!

    1. It's today, thanks Sally. 41 not quite as exciting as 40 but had a fab day and am being spoilt so can't complain!

  4. Thank you!! Love your Sundays! (am busy tackling a huge pile of marking & ironing is shuffling & making hints in the corner!!

  5. Well deserved..your blog is always fun to read - and now you've introduced me to other blogs to is too short....never get the ironing done..what a good excuse...

    Thank you for passing on the award...have to ponder what to reveal!

    1. Congrats!!! Looking forward to reading your revlelations! ;-)


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