Sunday, September 09, 2012

François Hollande, what is he up to?

In most jobs, a new employee would have to partake in a trial period; usually three to six months, to prove that they are capable for the task they have been employed for and that their CV wasn't a complete work of fiction. For someone who has never ever worked in the field ( i.e. the new President Hollande), I am sure their employers would be watching very closely to ascertain whether the candidate was the right fit
What a pity , this does not apply to the President of France, as no matter how low he plummets in the polls, "Mr Normal" still has another 4 and 3/4 years to do effectively whatever he wants, what he, as a champagne socialist, believes is right for the Republic of France. His employers, i.e.  the voting public ( those of us who can vote!) can only look on as their new boy runs amuck.
Mr Hollande addressed the nation on TF1 tonight and explained to them what his 'concrete' plans are, because for the most part, people are wondering, what the hell is Flamby up to, with no direction, no leadership or no communication being forthcoming from the head of state so far...
SO what's he going to do to dig the country out of the merde? A quick summary of his droning speech:

  • Firstly, it's going to take 2 years at least before we will see any changes..."Je ne vais pas faire en quatre mois ce que les autres n'ont pas fait en cinq ou dix ans."
  • Unemployment will go down in 1 year ( although he didn't say how).
  • Taxes will go up by 20 billion in 2012. Half of this will come from enterprise.  
  • The famous 75% tax on high earners will be implemented , the one that is seeing the wealthy flocking from France as I type...
  • He stated "J'ai demandé une présidence qui soit exemplaire, simple, proche mais en même temps, je suis pour une présidence d'action et de mouvement." Not exactly "light your fire" stuff?? Would you get in front of your employers at the end of your trial period with such an unconvincing resumé?

The poll in Le Parisien " Were you convinced by Hollande's speech" is currently running at a resounding 78% NO.
The people of France are not happy, and amazingly, no-one seems to have voted for him now either .. what a pity they can't just fire him. 


  1. And isn't it the only job in the world you don't need qualifications for? Pretty important job whereby there is no requirement for a degree in history, politics, law etc etc. Essentially gift of the gab is all that is required and even that you don't need if you have people with money supporting you. Count yourself lukcy you don't have the dick that is Dave Cameron running your country and his chum that, no word of a lie, said "we are giving the economy 110%"!

  2. Strong sentiments Natasha! Isn't it ironic that now, when we need strong decisive leaders, we are lumped with lily livered muppets? God Help us all!


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