Friday, September 14, 2012

Vive La Difference!

This week’s Irish joke which has gone viral is ..

You know you're Irish when:
  1. You can't wait for the other guy to stop talking so you can start talking
  2. You show your love for friends and family by insulting them
  3. I will my arse
  4. You touch the electric fence for the craic
  5. The best reason to do something is for the craic
  6. Nobody can go a day without saying 'Jaysus'
  7. Flat coke or 7up heals all illnesses
  8. You don't know the words but that doesn't stop you from singing
  9. The word 'like' goes in every sentence 
  10. You end all telephone calls with "Right, bye, bye, bye, bye"
How about les Francais?
You know you're French when:
  1. You don't make small talk and you could not be bothered to talk to strangers
  2. You are polite to your family ( the ones you haven't fallen out with over inheritance issues/divorce) and may even still vous voyer your parents
  3. Non means no, and sometimes yes means no, and a shrug means no too. 
  4. You have never experienced "the craic"
  5. The best reason to do something is so that you will look smarter/better/thinner
  6. No-one can go a day without saying 'merde'
  7. You are a hypochondriac and take a myriad of medicaments
  8. You have never partaken in a sing song and never will. The thought of same brings you out in a sweat
  9. The word 'quoi' goes in every sentence
  10. You end all telephone calls with "Je t"embrasse très très fort, bisous", hang up and have a bitch about the person
Can you think of any others?


  1. Lovely...I'm thinking about Costa Rica!
    It can be a bit disconcerting to ask someone how they are only to be told that they are very well, thanks to the most holy trinity!

    1. .... the blessed virgin and all the saints in heaven!

  2. be gorey be jesus (I don't know if that's how its spelt), missus, jeanie mac (again see above), would you ever believe it, there are so many. I worked for 10 years with the Irish (I was the token English person given that the bank was in England - equality and all that) and i'm sure there's loads more - I have never been so drunk and hung over since those mad, brilliant days in my teens/twenties. Good times. Oh and they used to piss themselves laughing at me and my first time pronouncing some Irish names O'shea - I said O she-a! x

    1. LOL!
      When I lived in Australia, EVERYONE would ask me to say 33 1/3 ( turty tree and a turd!)

  3. I'm french and I've been living in Ireland for almost 8 years,I defo feel more Irish when I read this with my love of the mighty craic, the overuse of "like", "jaysus" and "fuck it, sure it's grand". I lost loads of my annoying French habits thanks to Ireland ;-)

    1. Hi FFID, thanks for your comment! Would love to hear your input as a French person living in Ireland! The opposite to me :)

  4. Hi there, I am Frenchie who has been living in Ireland for almost 7 years now. May I add some French habits to your list:
    - you're obsessed with vegetables, but only the "true" ones ie not the carrot or potato
    - you think you drunk a lot when you got like three glasses of wine, not even filled to the top!
    - you think it's all right to drink tea with funny fruity and spicy flavours, you even believe it is actually tea you fool
    - you think it is normal to get health service for free whether it is GP or prescription medicines
    - you think "religion" is a bad word
    - you wouldn't show up in public in your training pants, even for a quick trip to the boulangerie
    - you think size 12 is big, maybe ok big, but still big
    - you expect people to be quiet at the movies

    Regarding the Irish habits, I love the last one. Really why do people say "bye bye byyye bye bye" until they hang up the phone? Anyway i love living in Ireland mainly for the Irish, I often catch myself saying "jaaaaayzus" hundred times a day and I never go anywhere foreign without a stock of Barry's :)

    1. Hi Raphaele, that did actually make me LOL!!!
      What's the story with the sizes here? In Ireland, I am considered thin, here I could do with losing a few kilos !!
      I can remember the furore when the gov introduced a 50cents fee for prescribed drugs a couple of years ago, the French were up in arms!!!
      Looking fwd to hearing more from you.
      Bye now, Bye bye bye bye ....


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