Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I Love About France - La Cantine

The canteen at school in France is something else, it has to be said. From the age of 2, the little scholars enjoy a 2 hour break to eat their 4 course lunch. The food is fresh, inventive and different every day of the year.
Today's menu, which is posted on the classroom door every day and published in the newspaper, so you don't cook the same thing in the evening for the little chéries I suppose, caught my eye, as it is bio (organic).

Starter : Salad of Tomatoes and Surimi
Main : Chicken Tajine with seasonal vegetables
Cheese plate
Fruit of the season

Bon Appetit les enfants!


  1. You're lucky to have a nice cantine, but they are not all exemplary. My kids hate the food they get at school. Last year my youngest had to come home to eat because otherwise he went hungry in the afternoon, and my eldest started eating in a café just outside the school, ditto.

    Meals here are made in an industrial unit and shipped out to schools. Cheap but nasty.

    1. Merde, is there anyone you can complain to? Where do you live?
      We live in Cabestany which is 'ruled' by a communist mayor. Has its advantages!!

    2. We live just north of Montpellier which is run by the PS although my village is run by staunch UMPs. None of them give a toss about the cantine as long as the food ticks all the right boxes. 'Edible' isn't one of them.


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